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About Us

Legal Marketing Journal was born out of a desire to provide effective marketing strategies and advice for law firms. The legal services segment has unique marketing needs that aren’t always covered by general marketing practice.

The editors, Jake Fisher, and Ashley Quintana provide marketing services and consulting for law firms in the United States, via their firm, Bridges Strategies & Digital Marketing. As part of that experience, they realized that they could make a larger impact on more law practices by publishing high-value, proven legal marketing strategies and tactics.

LMJ is a publication of Media Department Consulting, LLC, located at 1141 W. Sheridan Ave. #S2, Oklahoma City, OK 73106



Educating and empowering forward-thinking attorneys and law firms with the latest best practices in digital business development strategy. We cover SEO, lead generation, web design, conversion rate optimization, social media strategies, and traditional media for the legal services industry.

Our contributors are real-world marketing practitioners with law firms and agencies.

LMJ is published by Media Department Consulting, LLC and is edited by Jake Fisher and Ashley Quintana.


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